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Having garnered more than 10,000 active investors following across globe, Vivek Joshi now manages Equity Portfolios.Vivek Joshi is also engaged in Equity Analysis and Income Taxation since past 13 & 5 years respectively.
He is Known for his lucid teaching skills, Vivek Joshi have amassed love amongst the VLP'eers and PLP'eers through the Flagship VLP & PLP learning programmes on Fundamentals of Stock Investing!

founder & CEO - Vivek Joshi

garnered 10,000+ Active Investors

motivational & keynote speaker


  PPAP Automatives 4x
  Recommended @150,
  Made high @723+ in 1.5 years only!
  Returns: 384%!

  Recommended at @465,
  Made high @1150+ (Pre-Bonus) in 1.5 years only!
  Returns: 147%!

  Chaman Lal Setia Exports 3x
  Recommended @60,
  Made high @211+ in 1 year only!
  Returns: 210%

  Nitin Spinners 2x
  Recommended @72,
  Made high @140+ in 6 months only!
  Returns: 94%!

  Pondy Oxides 2x
  Recommended @290,
  Made high @779+ in 1 year only!
  Returns: 169%!


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