Practical advices on Personal Finance & Wealth Creation

I'm sure, by now, you'd have heard of celebrities like Amitabh Bacchan, 50 Cents, Johnny Depp of Pirates of Caribbean, Ronaldinho, Michael Jackson, and the list goes on; ending into bankruptcies.

Despite making fortunes & raking in huge money at their peak, these stars went broke & some ended up being bankrupt.

You see one thing common brining in misfortune:- Mismanagement of Personal Finance.

It doesn't matters how much you earn. If you're unable to manage your Finances adequately, there are pretty decent chances of going broke or living long mediocre life.

In this 2 hours Webinar, we'll learn in detail how such misfortunes can be avoided.

We'll focus on how one can go from Rags to Riches with Systemic Planning rather than going Riches to Rags.

Join us on 30th Aug, 7-9am for loads of Practical advices on Personal Finance and Wealth Creation.

Wish you a Financial Independence.

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