FAQs on Webinar on Fundamentals Analysis by Vivek Joshi

You can attend the Webinar thru your Mobile Phone, Computer, iPad. No specific system requirements.

Yes, a open & coachable mind. Nothing more. We're going to start from the scratch. So don't worry.

Yes. Our focus is to impart indepth knowledge. It would be 20 Hours handhold learning Fundamental Analysis Webinar. No short cuts because we want to keep you ahead of the game. 21st-30th July, 7-9 am IST, Daily, 2 hours!

All the Webinars are live so that you don't hold back your queries. To learn is to Ask. Ask all your questions on real time basis & get them answered live without waiting.

It would be Duolingo communication, with English as first language keeping in mind the Participants joining from South India & across the globe.

Once the Webinar is over, you'll be added to Exclusive Members Only Channel / Group. Moreover, you can also send your queries at VivekJoshiweb@gmail.com

Not required at all. You won't need to buy any special software, because we'll be sharing with you all the free resources to help you in your analysis & research.

Yes, we do provide our Personal Top 15 Screeners exclusively to our students/participants & is offered absolutely free of cost..

Definitely Yes, because we will add you to our Exclusive Members Only Channel/Members group and you will be provided all the assistance you need even after the class.

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